Use of English – Part 3 word formation 2

Use of English – Part 3 word formation 2

For Part 3 of the Use of English test, read the text below.

Use the word given in capitals on the right to form a word that fits the gap in the same line.

There is an example at the beginning:     (O) POLICIES

For cycling passengers planning to take a train with their bikes, here are a few of the bicycle (0) ... of the main railway lines of the UK and Ireland, along with other initiatives designed to give you some practical (1) ... .POLICY
In general, most rail companies will allow you to take your bike on the train for free, although Eurostar charges £20 per bike for a one-way journey. The [2] …. of trains have just two reservable spaces or racks for bicycles, with any [3] …. bikes being carried only at the conductor's discretion. Travelling with family or a group of friends may, in that case prove a headache. Notable [4] … include the Southern Line whose trains hold as many as 10 cycles in the end wagon!MAJOR
Most train lines require you to book in advance - which can be [5] … if you prefer to improvise rather than stick to a fixed itinerary - though [6] …. bikes are usually accepted as hand luggage, even at peak times. For non-folding bikes there are often restrictions over peak travel times.ANNOY
To make it easier for passengers to combine bicycle and rail travel, some train companies have invested [7] …. in bike racks and secure lockers at stations so passengers can leave their bikes safely. There are also [8] …. cycling maps available from some stations.HEAVY
Perhaps the most innovative approach is the 'cycle rescue service' offered by some rail companies which help cyclists who hurt [9] …. or damage their bike and are unable to complete the cycling part of their journey. They will even drive you home or to a train station or cycle repair shop to get your bike [10] …..THEY



1 ADVICE Turn the verb into a noun. Advice is always singular, so DO NOT write advices.
2 MAJORITY You must transform the adjective to an noun.
3 ADDITIONALWatch out for some big transformations!
4 EXCEPTIONS Remember it’s the noun in plural.
5 ANNOYINGIt’s the same rule for other adjectives such as boring, tiring, interesting, etc…
6 FOLDING The same as number 5. If you don’t know this word, guess it! Use logic, of course. FOLDABLE is also possible.
7 HEAVILY You need an adverb here. Be careful with spelling if the adjective ends in ‘y’.
8 DOWNLOADABLEDownload is the verb.
Downloadable is the adjective
9 THEMSELVESYou must know all the reflexive pronouns, like myself, yourself, etc…
10 FIXED This is causative [similar to passive], so you need the participle here.




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