Favourite mistakes! Part 1

Favourite mistakes! Part 1


I’ve been teaching English for 30 years. During this time I have built up a large collection of favourite mistakes. These days it seems to be the fashion to make compilations:

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Top 10 moments in history, Top 20 great inventions, Top 100 records…

If you surf the web, you will see that the list of ‘Tops’ is endless.

I’m not exactly a fashion freak (as you can see from my photo on the web!) but well…this is my…



I hope you enjoy it and it will help you correct your own mistakes.



Have a close look at these sentences and find out what’s wrong

1.  I did a serious mistake and failed my exam.

2.  1 mile is the same that 1.6 kilometres.

3.  There is a lot of people in the street today.

4.  I love watch soap operas on TV.

5.  Jimmy enjoys listening heavy metal.

6.  I’m live in a town 45 kilometres of Barcelona.

7.  After get up, I have breakfast.

8.  Mexico City is bigger that New York.

9.  Everest is the higher mountain of the world.

10.  I make English exercises in the moment.



1. I made a serious mistake and failed my exam.

It’s my favourite because it’s an ironic mistake!

2.  1 mile is the same as 1.6 kilometres. (It’s always the same as)

3.  There are a lot of people in the street today. (People are plural!)

4.  I love watching soap operas on TV.

Remember to use the gerund after: like, love, hate, enjoy.

5.  Jimmy enjoys listening to heavy metal. (It’s always listening to)

6 . I live in a town 45 kilometres from Barcelona. (Two mistakes in one sentence!)

7.  After getting up, I have breakfast.

You must use gerund following: before, after or without.

8.  Mexico City is bigger than New York. (You must use ‘than’ for comparisons)

9.  Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

Another double mistake! Superlative, not comparative.

Russia is the largest country in the world. / Jenny is the smartest in the class.

10.  I am doing English exercises at the moment.

Brilliant! 3 mistakes in one sentence. Wrong verb, tense and preposition. Wow!

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