How to Pass the Writing Exam

How to Pass the Writing Exam

IMPORTANT ADVICE!  How to pass your writing exam

Before the exam

  • In my opinion, you should do a few practice writings for each possible question before the exam.
  • Your writing practices should be corrected by a professional. If you don’t have an English speaker to correct your answers, find one!
  • Spend 30-40 minutes on each question in the writing exam. Part 1 and Part 2 are worth the same number of marks.
  • Practise for the writing exam using clear question samples and well-written model answers.

During the exam

  • Answer the question!!!!!! This is extremely important.
  • Read the question carefully and make a plan. Sit on your hands for a couple of minutes and think!
  • Write a short plan. It’s easier to structure your answer and you won’t forget to include important points.
  • Don’t panic!! Even if you think it’s a stupid, boring question. Find something interesting to talk about. Show the examiner your writing ability.
  • Don’t repeat yourself! Don’t write irrelevant rubbish just because you need to use more words.
  • Write your practice test by hand unless you decide to do the computer-based version of the exam.
  • Check your answer for stupid mistakes (spelling, punctuation, verbs in the correct tense…).


Write something interesting! Put yourself in the position of the examiner. How would you feel about correcting a pile of 500 boring exam papers? Please have a look at my FREE SAMPLE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS and email me if you have any questions.


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