Favourite Mistakes Part 2

Favourite Mistakes Part 2

We hope you enjoy Part 2 of Top 50 favourite mistakes and will learn to correct yourself.
Please send your own favourite mistakes and I will publish them!

Check out Favourite Mistakes Part 1 for even more mistakes.

11 To learn Russian is very difficult.Learning Russian is very difficult.
Learning is not really a verb here!

More examples
Jumping off bridges is dangerous.
Having a good breakfast is important.
Studying grammar can be boring sometimes.
12 We crossed the road without look.We crossed the road without looking.
After using 'before', 'after' or 'without', you must use the gerund ‘ing’ form on the verb.

After leaving her house, she went to the bank.
He got a new passport before going on holiday.
13 The kids enjoyed in the party.The kids enjoyed themselves at the party.
Enjoy needs a reflexive form.

[The kids enjoyed the party is also CORRECT.]

I enjoyed myself last night.
We enjoyed ourselves on holiday.
14 My mother worked as cooker in a hotel.Double mistake!
My mother worked as a cook in a hotel.

You must put the article ‘a’ when talking about professions.

A cook is a chef, but a cooker is the machine you use to cook!!
My mother is talented, but she's not a machine!
15 The chicken is full of dirty cups.The kitchen is full of dirty cups.

This is one of my all-time favourites!!

If you don’t know the difference, watch the film Chicken Run.
16 My brother wins 3,000 dollars a month.My brother earns 3,000 dollars a month.
For your wages [salary], you must use 'earn'.

I won 1 million dollars in the national lottery.
For prizes in competitions, use win.
17 She arrived to the office 20 minutes late.She arrived at the office 20 minutes late.

'Arrive to' does not exist. Repeat it to yourself like a robot 10 times!!

It’s always 'arrive at', except for countries and cities.
When we arrived in Berlin, we took a bus to the hotel
18 I had a rest after lunch for the heat.I had a rest after lunch because of the heat.

When you mean 'as a result of' or 'as a consequence of', you must use 'because of'.
19 We enjoy discovering the local costumes when we visit places on holiday.We enjoy discovering the local customs when we visit places on holiday.

Costumes are clothes that people wear.

The local village people dressed up in typical costumes.

In fact 19 is not a mistake if you are interested in clothes!
20 I live in New York since five years ago.I have lived in New York for five years.

An examiner would not be impressed by these mistakes!!

You must use Present Perfect here.
The correct preposition is 'for'.

'Ago' is used with a different verb tense.
I lived in New York five years ago.
I visited New York five years ago.

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