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UK V USA English (1)

Part 1-Quiz Hello everybody, or should I say ‘Hi guys’? A lot of my...


You have to find 3 groups of 3 words which could be related in...

UK V USA English (2)

Howdy and hello, As promised, here is Part 2 of UK V USA English...

Welcome to First Certificate Writing

Thanks for visiting First Certificate Writing, a resource for Students and Teachers materials for the Cambridge First Certificate English Exam.

Do you need to practise for the First Certificate Exam?

If you are looking improve and test your First Certificate Writing and reading skills you are in the right place. This site is run by an experience English teacher with lots of hints and tips to get you through the exam.

  • ALL the materials on this website are FREE!!
  • You can consult them whenever you want without paying anything
  • They were all written by the site owner (based on real exam questions)
  • They will help you to pass this exam!

How we can help?

Remember it costs about 200 Euros in European countries to  enter the First Certificate English examination and many students fail because they are not well prepared. Do your homework!!
I am here to help you get a good mark in the exam by providing you with hints and tips, and most importantly, examples of questions and corresponding answers.

If you need anything specific, have any recommendations or just want to say hello , please get in touch >>.

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